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Reverse Job Posting

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Iā€™m looking for a new role and I thought it might be cool to do a “reverse job posting”; a “candidate employer posting,” if you will.

Your organization: #

  • šŸ¤” Understands the value of Staff+ Engineers and the different Staff Engineer Archetypes outlined in this fantastic guide: You’re excited to welcome a talented Staff Engineer (that’s me!) to your team.
  • šŸŒˆ Embraces diversity in all its forms. Your team thrives on a dynamic blend of perspectives that enrich your collective thinking. You foster an inclusive environment where diverse voices are celebrated.
  • šŸ“ˆ Embraces change and seek practices that lead to success. You actively explore innovative approaches and are open to adopting new processes or refining existing ones.
  • šŸ’µ Values profitability while recognizing it’s not the sole measure of success. You keep a keen eye on metrics like the Rule of 40, EBITDA, and other financial indicators.

Your tech stack: #

  • āŒØļø Embraces the power of modern languages such as Golang, Rust, TypeScript, Python, or similar languages to deliver your technological innovations.
  • šŸ”Ž Prioritizes observability and traceability by adopting tracing tools like Honeycomb or other OpenTelemetry tools, enabling deep insights into your systems’ inner workings.
  • šŸ“Š Implements Service Level Indicators and Objectives to consistently exceed customer expectations and make data-based prioritization decisions.
  • šŸ’» Leverages collaboration tools like GitHub, GitLab, Buildkite, or similar platforms to streamline development workflows and enhance teamwork.
  • ā˜ļø Harnesses the scalability and robustness of cloud infrastructure by utilizing the capabilities of AWS or GCP, taking advantage of the latest advancements in cloud technology.